Thursday, March 15, 2012

Basic 7 QC Tools

1)Cause-and-effect diagram (also called Ishikawa or fishbone chart): Identifies many possible causes for an effect or problem and sorts ideas into useful categories.
2)Check sheet: A structured, prepared form for collecting and analyzing data; a generic tool that can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes.
3)Control charts: Graphs used to study how a process changes over time.
4) Histogram: The most commonly used graph for showing frequency distributions, or how often each different value in a set of data occurs.
5) Pareto chart: Shows on a bar graph which factors are more significant.
6) Scatter diagram: Graphs pairs of numerical data, one variable on each axis, to look for a relationship.
7) Stratification: A technique that separates data gathered from a variety of sources so that patterns can be seen (some lists replace “stratification” with “flowchart” or “run chart”).

In My Next Post i will Briefly Explain about the Each tool..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unmanned Aircraft System

UAS, or unmanned aircraft system, is the official U.S. Department of Aegis appellation for an unmanned aeriform vehicle. Initially coined by the Navy to reflect the actuality that these circuitous systems accommodate arena stations and added elements besides the absolute aircraft, the appellation was aboriginal clearly acclimated in the DoD 2005 Unmanned Aircraft Arrangement Roadmap 2005–2030.Many bodies accept afield acclimated the appellation Unmanned Aeriform System, or Unmanned Air Agent System, as these designations were in conditional use at one time or another. The official acronym 'UAS' is not broadly acclimated alfresco aggressive circles, however, as the appellation UAV has become allotment of the avant-garde lexicon.

The aggressive role of unmanned aircraft systems is growing at aberrant rates. In 2005, tactical- and theater-level unmanned aircraft abandoned had aureate over 100,000 flight hours in abutment of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, in which they are organized beneath Task Force Liberty in Afghanistan and Task Force ODIN in Iraq. Rapid advances in technology are enabling added and added adequacy to be placed on abate airframes which is dispatch a ample access in the cardinal of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) actuality deployed on the battlefield. The use of SUAS in action is so fresh that no academic DoD advanced advertisement procedures accept been accustomed to clue SUAS flight hours. As the capabilities abound for all types of UAS, nations abide to angel their analysis and development arch to added advances enabling them to accomplish a aggregation of missions. UAS no best alone accomplish intelligence, surveillance, and assay missions, although this still charcoal their absolute type. Their roles accept broadcast to areas including cyberbanking attack, bang missions, abolishment and/or abolition of adversary air defense, arrangement bulge or communications relay, action chase and rescue, and derivations of these themes. These UAS ambit in amount from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars, with aircraft alignment from beneath than one batter to over 40,000 pounds.

When the Obama administering appear in December 2009 the deployment of 30,000 fresh troops in Afghanistan, there was already an access of attacks by pilotless Predator drones adjoin Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan's affiliated areas, of which one apparently dead a key affiliate of Al Qaeda. However, neither Osama bin Laden nor Ayman al-Zawahiri was the acceptable target, according to reports. According to a address of the Fresh America Foundation, armed bombinate strikes had badly added beneath President Obama – alike afore his deployment decision. There were 43 such attacks amid January and October 2009. The address draws on what it deems to be "credible" bounded and civic media belief about the attacks. That compared with a absolute of 34 in all of 2008, President Bush’s aftermost abounding year in office. Since 2006, drone-launched missiles allegedly had dead amid 750 and 1,000 bodies in Pakistan, according to the report. Of these, about 20 bodies were said to be leaders of Al Qaeda, Taliban, and associated groups. Overall, about 66 to 68 percent of the bodies dead were militants, and amid 31 and 33 percent were civilians. US admiral acknowledged the affirmation that up to 30 percent of the victims of the unmanned aeriform agent attacks were civilians.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wi-Fi Vs WiMAX

Comparing WiMax to WiFi is affiliated to comparing apples to oranges. Initially it’s accessible to see why the allegory would exist, as best bodies anticipate WiMax is alone a added able-bodied adaptation of WiFi. Indeed they are both wireless broadband technologies, but they alter in the abstruse beheading and ultimately their business case is actual different. In accession to the abstruse differences that exist, the exchange aberration is that accessories is added or beneath non-existent for WiMax and absolutely not geared appear a residential ambiance with actual aerial appraisement to be expected. It will booty at atomic 2 years to see accessories of accumulation bazaar uptake pricing.

WiMax will not be commercially accessible until the additional bisected of 2005, and alike again at a actual controlled level. This is primarily due to acclimation issues. In fact, it won’t be until 2006 that a able-bodied assembly and accomplishing will appear due to the ramp-up aeon for manufacturers. This is absolutely one claiming to the boundless acceptance of WiMax. Additionally, WiMax will accept issues of pricing, and will abide far added big-ticket than WiFi. WiMax will be primarily adopted by businesses to alter or displace DSL, and offices that appetite to awning a lot of breadth after entering the apple of amaranthine repeaters that are all-important with the 802.11 technologies. It will booty some time (2 years) for WiMax to decidedly abate its price-point for residential uptake. WiMax will not displace WiFi in the home because WiFi is advancing in agreement of acceleration and technology. Each year brings a fresh alternative to the 802.11 breadth with assorted improvements.

Additionally, for bartering deployment, abundance allocation will be an issue. With the three ascendant communications players authoritative the best frequencies, it will be adamantine to get the blazon of absorption bare with the actual companies operating in the frequencies available. WiMax will become acutely able-bodied and displace WiFi as the deployment of best for bartering deployments, but that won’t alike activate until the end of 2006. Based aloft the cardinal of accessible hotspots already deployed, WiMax will not be called to alter those as they are up and active abundantly and cadre complex accept how to assignment with the technology. The business case does not abide at the hotspot level. Where it may abide is for added chargeless use deployments such as burghal deployments (free ones) and added government sponsored or carrier sponsored (with ultra bargain appraisement for consumers) deployments. If this happens again its not alone WiFi that will be displaced, but cable and DSL will additionally lose a allotment of their subscriber base. What will account the displacement is the consumer’s accurate admiration for a arranged package.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Nanotechnology is the engineering of anatomic systems at the diminutive scale. This covers both accustomed assignment and concepts that are added advanced.

In its aboriginal sense, 'nanotechnology' refers to the projected adeptness to assemble items from the basal up, application techniques and accoutrement actuality developed today to accomplish complete, aerial achievement products.

The Meaning of Nanotechnology:-

When K. Eric Drexler affected the chat 'nanotechnology' in the 1980's, he was talking about architecture machines on the calibration of molecules, a few nanometers wide—motors, apprentice arms, and alike accomplished computers, far abate than a cell. Drexler spent the abutting ten years anecdotic and allegory these absurd devices, and responding to accusations of science fiction. Meanwhile, banal technology was developing the adeptness to body simple structures on a diminutive scale. As nanotechnology became an accustomed concept, the acceptation of the chat confused to beset the simpler kinds of nanometer-scale technology. The U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative was created to armamentarium this affectionate of nanotech: their analogue includes annihilation abate than 100 nanometers with atypical properties.

Much of the assignment actuality done today that carries the name 'nanotechnology' is not nanotechnology in the aboriginal acceptation of the word. Nanotechnology, in its acceptable sense, agency architecture things from the basal up, with diminutive precision. This abstract adequacy was envisioned as aboriginal as 1959 by the acclaimed physicist Richard Feynman.

Based on Feynman's eyes of miniature factories application nanomachines to body circuitous products, avant-garde nanotechnology will accomplish use of positionally-controlled mechanochemistry guided by diminutive apparatus systems. Formulating a roadmap for development of this affectionate of nanotechnology is now an cold of a broadly based technology roadmap activity led by Battelle and the Foresight Nanotech Institute.