Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism

Automatic sliding doors are all-over in about every capital and above abundance in the country. They can alike be installed in homes. Here is how these doors work:


Usually, motion or optical sensors are army at the top of the doors. These sensors ascertain back bodies access the doors and activate them to accelerate open. Optical or motion sensors may additionally be placed aural the anatomy of the aperture or aloof off to the sides.

Another affectionate of sensor is a weight sensor, which is usually installed in a mat placed aloof in advanced of the aperture .

In abounding cases, sensors are installed on both abandon of the doors, acceptance operation and access from either side.


The motion sensors are active to a apparatus that opens and closes the doors. This apparatus has a clamp arrangement absorbed to it that allows the doors operate. Usually, the doors are affiliated to a alternation of belts that are fabricated of rubber.

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